Our Solutions

MyDNAPedia Fitness
  • Personalize nutrition and diet regimes
  • Training that works best for your unique body
  • Get expert advice to become the fittest you have ever been
MyDNAPedia VO2 Max
  • Know how strong is your immune system
  • DNA based respiratory health analysis
  • Improve immunity to fight infections
    based on test reports

What Do We Do

We test your DNA, to answer questions about your health, well-being and fitness.

Your DNA can predict the future and let you know if you may have the risk to develop widespread genetic and lifestyle diseases.

DNA testing will reveal your carrier status of genetic mutations and predispositions to life-long illnesses and life threatening ailments. To protect your family by forewarning about the risk of passing on such genes to them. Know the strength of your immunity to fight communicable diseases, become fit to lead a healthy and wholesome life.

How it works

Your DNA is present in every cell of your body. It tells cells, and the life-building proteins that bind them together, how to behave!

So your DNA and its genetic makeup define you who you are! Simply order a MyDNAPedia Test, you will be given a kit where you collect your cheek swab sample at home and send it back to us.We study various genetic markers to give you an in-depth analysis.This test result will help you understand how your body works to take better care of it.


  • Potential risk of contracting Heart disease, Type-2 Diabetes
  • Measure respiratory health and immune system strength
  • Know which workout and diet regime works best for you


  • Non-invasive DNA test
  • Hassle-free contactless service
  • Easy sample-collection
  • Affordable
  • One-time test
  • In-depth and simple to understand test results
  • 99.9% accurate results


We take privacy very seriously. Your data is safe and nothing happens without your consent