1.What is DNA?

DNA can be called the book of life. It lies at the heart of each cell of our bodies. The nucleus of each cell, which contains DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), stores all the information needed to direct the activities of the cell. DNA is organised in chromosomes, of which human beings have 46 in total (23 chromosomes from both parents)

2.What are genes?

A gene is a segment of DNA that can serve as a template for a functional protein. Humans have approximately 21000 genes, and all of them are included in every cell of the body (except for red blood cells).

3.What is DNA testing?

In DNA testing these genes and their nucleotide sequence are examined so that certain genetic markers in or near the genes will be analysed. There are various laboratory techniques that can be used to identify the differences in DNA sequence. Based on knowledge gained through scientific research, the results of the analysis are interpreted and sent to you

4.How do I get tested?

Simply order a test from your doctor or gym owner. Or get in touch with us, we will guide you through it.

5.How will DNA testing help me?

There are various benefits of DNA testing

6.Am I eligible for a DNA test?

If you are over the age of 18 years

7.How do I order a DNA test?

You can order a test from your doctor or gym owner. Or simply

8.What are the types of DNA tests?

We offer a variety of tests best suited for your needs

9.How many times do I have to get tested?

You only need to get tested once. That’s all! Preferably early one for better predictions.

10.How does DNA testing help my family?

Genetic disorders are carried forward to generations. You can protect your children and effectively avoid or better manage risk of getting the disease by knowing your carrier status.

11.What does the DNA test results contain?

Your DNA test results will show you the future by mapping your genetic markers. MyDNAPedia test results and recommendations are always based on the most recent and accurate scientific information available. MyDNAPedia test result is by its nature more to increase understanding and research based, so it does not replace medical advice, genetic counseling, diagnostics or treatments.

12.Are DNA test results complicated?

Our test results are easy to understand, we also provide a training module to help you interpret test results.This module has an explanation of what each genetic marker stands for and what it implicates for your health.

13.What about the privacy of my DNA data?

Your privacy is of utmost importance. We do not share your personal data with anyone.

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