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Terms and conditions

In these Terms and Conditions, the meaning, restrictions, and consequences of DNA testing will be described.

Sample Material

Testing will be performed if: a) all the requested information has been provided with the sample to MyDNAPedia, b) instructions on taking, storing, and sending the DNA sample has been exactly followed, c) quality and quantity of the sample material is in accordance with the requirements of the laboratory performing the testing. The person to whom the sample belongs is at least 18 years old and has signed these Terms and Conditions by their own hand when sending the sample to MyDNAPedia and this way proved that the sample belongs to them. If a child below 18 years is tested, a parent or somebody with parental responsibility over the child needs to give consent for the child’s DNA to be tested.


MyDNAPedia has a right to refuse from performing the test if one or more of the above clauses are not fulfilled.


In a case that the quality and quantity of the sample material is not sufficient for reliable testing, even if all the instructions have been carefully followed, MyDNAPedia will contact the person who has given the sample and arrange a new sample collection.


If the sample collection device has been missed or broken during delivery, MyDNAPedia will send a new device without extra cost.


MyDNAPedia is not responsible for the DNA sample getting lost during delivery or the consequences resulting from it.


The DNA sample should be sent to MyDNAPedia within 6 months after receiving the sample collection device.


MyDNAPedia reserves the right to store the remaining sample for future use (for example research purposes). In such a case, the usage of the sample will be determined by following the legislation of the time.

Performing the DNA Test and Interpreting the Results

DNA testing offered by MyDNAPedia is for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for medical advice, genetic counselling, diagnosis, or treatment.


DNA testing performed by the laboratory is in accordance with the good laboratory practice and quality requirements. MyDNAPedia is not responsible for an incorrect result.


All existing ethnic groups are not involved in scientific research, on which the DNA tests offered by MyDNAPedia are based. Thus it is theoretically possible that the results and interpretations based on them may not be applicable to all ethnic groups.


MyDNAPedia is not responsible for any harm or consequences that may appear due to performing a DNA test.


MyDNAPedia delivers the test results only to the person who has given their contact details for the purpose.

MyDNAPedia does not release test results to third parties unless the request comes from an authority that has a legal right for it.

The sample code and the identity associated with it are stored only in MyDNAPedia’s database,
which is not accessible to anyone else.

MyDNAPedia Test results may be used for research and statistical purposes.
Raw data of the test results are property of MyDNAPedia, but you as consumer can control it by asking to remove all the
personal details that may be linked to the raw data.